Okay, I’m on a roll here today and have a few more things to add that are some other items I’ve picked up in the last month as potentials for my BOB:

ESEE Knives/Rat Cutlery Arrowheads:

Never know if I will need these, but they could come in handy.  They are very, very sharp and I figure no harm having something this small hanging out in the bag.

Ultimate Survival Blast Match:

Great fire starter, I figure you can never have too many ways to make a fire, especially when they are small and weigh almost nothing.  I show 5 here but I only kept 1 for my pack. I sold the others.

Brunton 8099 compass:

This has a signaling mirror as well and has lots of cheat-sheet type cards for calculations.  Pretty good for a fair price.

Adventure Medical’s Survival Blanket:

Grabbed a pair of these viagra kaufen rezeptfrei.  Again, small and light…

Bradley Cutlery Kimura II Butterfly knife:

This one is a nice butterfly with a solid build that runs about $90.  Comes very sharp and feels very firm.

Bark River Golok:

This is a Bark River Knives Golok which retails for about $250.  It has a very nice convex edge and black micarta handles.  This is a nice blade, and I’m guessing will chop like nobody’s business.

Sawvivor Folding Saw, 15″:

What can I say?  This is a great looking saw.  It folds down small and weighs only 12 ounces.  Feels sturdy when unfolded.  This is going in my BOB for sure.

Woodsmans Pal Machete/Hatchet:

This is a cheaper alternative to the Golok, runs about $60ish and is going to get a workout on my next camping trip.  I’ll post a writeup of how it did at that time.  I also bought the Leather Sheath.

Ultimate Survival Starflash signaling mirror:

This is a 3×5 signaling mirror with a “look through” hole in the center for aiming at your target.  the construction seems nice enough with a plastic casing that feels nice to hold onto.

Adventure Medical QuickClot Sponges:

I have yet to use these, but they are made to stop bleeding fast.  Basically, if you think you need medical attention and may lose a lot of blood before you can get to a hospital, these can help to save you.