So, the arrival of my RC-5 and RAT Pack kit has me looking at all the items I’ve been accumulating for my BOB (Bug Out Bag)/kit.  I’ve been pulling together a bunch of stuff over some time and will post some pics of what I have ad this should help me eliminate some things that I thought were good before I knew any better.  Also, I want to fill any holes.  Over the next few weeks I’ll look at different items and decide if the items belong in my pack.  I already know I have quite a few duplicate/redundant items that need to be trimmed down.  More stuff is coming, I just haven’t taken pics of everything yet..

First up:

Iridium 9555 Satellite phone from Motorola:

Iridium Satellite Phone

This is a great device, although pricey.  I got the unit with shipping and activation for roughly $1400 from Deltawave Communications.  I plan to have very limited need for the service on a day to day basis, so I opted for their “Emergency Plan” which comes with 0 minutes per month @ $25 +tax per month.  This plan is billed at $1.85 per minute for airtime.  The 9555 is very fast to boot and acquire the satellite signal.  call quality is very good as well.  If there’s a disaster here and I need to talk to people outside the area, this will do the job viagra tabletten.  Previously with the Earthquakes we’ve had in California, the AT&T phones and cellphone services were down for quite awhile, and when up, the lines were overloaded with people trying to call in/out.

Uniden Bearcat BCD396XT “TrunkTracker” scanner:

This is a great unit and pulls in all the frequencies, even digital and trunked channels.  This is great for listening in on the local Police, Fire, EMTs, and even HAM radio operators.

C. Crane Pocket SW Radio:

C.Crane Pocket SW radio

This receives AM/FM and Shortwave signals.  Very small, and the reception is pretty good.  Sounds best with headphones, the small external speaker reminds me of an AM radio from the 70’s.

SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool:

SOG PowerAssist

This is a pretty good unit ad has two Assisted opening knives on it as well.  All the other usual features for a multi-tool and comes with a leather belt holster.

Glock e-tool with pouch:

Basically, this is just a shovel that collapses and folds to fit in a pouch.  It also has a saw in the handle that you can attach to the end of the handle to cut branches, etc.



On the left is an American Tomahawk branded “VTAC” and on the right is the SOG Fusion Tomahawk.  I wanted a lighter weight tomahawk and not an axe, so these are what I decided to try.  First impressions: About the same.  The only real positives to the “VTAC” is that the backside of the head was sharpened and it feels more like a tool than the SOG unit.

Various knives and tools:

a few random knives and tools

Clockwise from the top-left:

Blackhawk Small-Pry:  This is a nice tool.  It is an entry tool with a sharpened edge and a hardened tip for breaking glass.  The prying edge is “stepped” so you can get a good bite on the surface you are working with.

RAT Cutlery RC-6:  This is a very nice blade for the money.  Soon I’ll post some comparisons with the RC-5 and the other RAT Cutlery items coming in.

SOG Trident Tanto:  This is one of my daily carry assisted openers.  It has G10 handles and is actually very light.  The pocket clip is mounted on the end of the handles which allows it to sit “deep” in a front pocket and not stand out.

CRKT Triumph:  This one is well made, but heavy and a little thick.  The material on the handle is porous and tends to grab denim making for slow deployment.

Kershaw Leek:  Nice cheap assisted opener.  I have five of these that I use for EDC.  They are light, quick opening and thin.  best of all, at ~$35ish they are no big deal to lose or break.

Kabar Becker Tool BK-3:  nice heavy hand-sized machete type tool.  nice and heavy for decent easy chopping.

Glock Field Knife with Root Saw:  What can I say here?  I got this when I was on the Glock bandwagon (not really off it, I still love all my Glocks), but it’s a pretty crappy knife that isn’t worth much to me anymore.  ***EDIT: It’s actually much better now that I put a real edge on it.



Here’s a collection of lights I have that I like, and a cheapy battery-free squeeze to charge type.

Miscellaneous stuff:

Here’s a few misc. items.  Katadyn Hiker Pro water filter, Petzel P78AHB headband light, two sets of Sea to Summit Alpha Light Fork/Spoon/Knife combos, about 200 feet of Paracord, and two shemaghs.


Here’s my MSR Reactor stove, extra fuel, and a portable coffee press.

I got the Reactor based on it’s performance to boil water, it works well, and is compact (the base to the stove and one fuel can is inside the stove in the pic).  The problem is, it only uses this canned fuel, and I should have purchased a multi-fuel unit that will be more easy to get fuel for if I run out.  However, the high wind performance makes this one a winner.  Here’s a couple shots I’ve added to show how the burner is recessed into the pot, leaving little chance of wind causing problems with the flame:

I really want to get the larger 2.5 pot for this stove and just may need to get it…